New knowledge :-)

During the journey  sitting with me , he’s name is Tom,  is a little order but equals him dude, it turned out  that we were going in  the same place ! Wow ! i did  not  expect that we  will be so great  conversation , we have  a lot  of common  themes , and we both love scrabble !!!12552508_1015162131902371_647146714934749609_n.jpg

Tom is not  the first time  goes on a  Scout camp , great , I couldn’t get better , I’ll have it support… Taught  me to have  one helpful node , as canbe  seen every where  can come  in handy .


Soon we have  air port  shuttle  service  and a lot  of things  have to pack , you need to start to gather  … To  hear  from  you soon !!!






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