A few words about the camp : -)

Today I have a moment, so I will tell you some more about the camp. My group consists of 10 people, including 4 girl-s it is only group at this time of the year. Really it is indeed too black? I don’t know everyone very well, but I had no conflict with nobody what at me not often takes place (at school non-stop I was at loggerheads with somebody, provided I still found my way to it, there is no with what to boast…) we will get up every day about 6, and before breakfast we will always have tuples training – it the most is horrifying me. I am starting sensing that parents well knew what they were doing sending me here. It can and okay? After breakfast different expeditions, games, not to say a learning will be awaiting us but no, no, not so like at school as to our schedule still too much I don’t know, it is supposed to be established systematically, I described only an overview for you… Later of course dinner, supper and to sleep already about 22. It is for me terrible, I have always spent inches nights in front of the computer, and now? Shock. He is a wonder, around I placated for moments with the tablet to tuples entry on the blog, right after it I must give it back, it is supposed to teach us living without these unnecessary gadgets. The yesterday’s bonfire was something unusual, for the first time I ate such sausages in the midwinter..: – I hope D, that today I will manage still to write something, if not – forgive and wish me good luck!!!



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