Sushi – Japanese kitchen on the scout camp

To the afternoon snack something else than usually, of course a sushi is being talked about. I ate for the first time and I am enraptured! I am giving you our camp regulation. Perhaps with it will I encourage somebody? There is a plenty of play and satisfaction in addition I am going the food! I also wish you tasty
Sushi – Japanese dish placed from the cooked rice added rice vinegar and the most different additions in the figure, mainly strict: seafood, seaweeds nori, of slices of fish, vegetables, mushrooms, eggs.


I am giving you the provision from which you can prepare one of varieties sushi – poppies which is already mine favourite. The following recipe at us came true superbly.

They will be needed:
– rice to the sushi (small with round grains about intensively for white colour)
– rice vinegar, the sugar and the salt
– bamboo mat for rolling
– sharp knife without teeth (very important!)
– nori – pressed sea algae
– wasabi – green, very sharp horseradish – sold in the tube or powdered (optional)
– marinated ginger, cut into thin slices (optional)
– soy sauce
– batons or fingers: -)
– and of course content of rolls – that is what whom suits: fish (strict and fried), avocado, marinated bamboo, cucumber, white cheese, mayonnaise, pepper, mango, fingers crab’s-in, shrimp, and so on, and so forth.. 😀

1. We are rinsing the rice under the running water, still mixing up, so long as far as water will be transparent (a bit it lasts). After rinsing out we are leaving the moss stitch in the water for 30 minutes, and then we are rinsing for the last time and we are pouring water in the proportion more or less 1:1.2 (rice: water). We are cooking about 15 minutes in a covered dish on the small fire for parrying the entire water, at the beginning often mixing up. After cooking we are leaving the moss stitch for 15 minutes in the pot under the cover.

2. on 0.5 kg of the rice we need 7 spoonfulfuls of rice vinegar, 3-4 we are mixing up spoonfulfuls of the sugar, a pinch of salt, everything in the small small pan and we are heating on the tiny fire mixing up for total dissolving, but we aren’t cooking. We are adding the sauce to the cooked rice and gently we are mixing up. Next we are putting the whole off until well cools.

3. to our sushi we are cutting elements, best into long thin belts. We are draining. Actually between algae it is possible to put everything what suits us – in the end we are supposed to eat it for us she has this dish and it to answer.


4. We are preparing the bowl for ourselves with water for dipping fingers. On the table we are knocking the mother down. On it we are putting one piece nori – in length. With hands we are scooping much rice up enough and evenly we are knocking him down on 3 / beginning 4 areas „from oneself” – the free belt is supposed to be at the top. We are withdrawing allowances and we are arranging them across the patch from algae, starting with fish (if is just found in our sushi). It is possible also to spread the rice with the mayonnaise or the cream cheese (e.g. Philadelphia).

5. We are rolling up poppies into rolls using the mother – from oneself. Enough firmly so that well close them and immobilise, but with the tact so that the filling doesn’t go separate ways all over sides. Incurred in this way we are cutting rolls into pieces for thicknesses c 1-1, 5 cm and we are laying out on the plate. How to do it most effectively – you can look for on youtubie.


6. Ante cibum we are giving the small bowl to every eater to the soy sauce, batons (it is possible the food with hands), ginger and wasabi. Depending on willingness – we can put a bit wasabi to the top our poppies, to plunge them gently in the soy sauce – and now best – to eat!
Between eating of different pieces the sushi we can bite them through with marinated ginger in order to clean taste mugs.



P. S.

Rolling the sushi is probably the best element of the workmanship. He is guaranteeing you the splendid play! Unfortunately I must already so finish already I am telling you: Goodnight !  : -)   : -)  : -D



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