On the track …

Today right away after breakfast we set off with the Scout for the walk, with a camera. It seems to me, around this his small hobby with which he wants to infect us is – at the moment very much effectively we went after different tracks, we tracked the game – at once I will say, around it is very exciting, after all you never know what is round the corner… It is easy to mistake tracks of the dog for tracks of the fox, of May a bit of a similar callus, and after all with us Max was! 😀  It very much hampered the task. I managed however to immortalize a few beautiful animals, of birds. On our return we could freely effect processing of every photograph, best a rally is supposed to be awarded I tried very hard. See effects! 😉

Fox 🙂  :


Rubbit 🙂  :


Squirrel 😀  :12031425_1017157275036190_3214775096728100111_o


Cat 😀 :


And so beautifully a Scout photographed 🙂 :




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