Hurried dinner, and after ride on snow scooters!

Today we had a willingness to something very straight, to the most ordinary home dinner. We put to fresh cucumber and sour cream salad, sausage and small potatoes! Still for me saliva is leaking when patrze to this photograph. Supernaturally good!


From the morning we had a plenty of classes tiring me in terms of physics, songs and shouts are super, very much suit me, but for the main course we got these exercises, sometimes a bit horrifying of bar of chocolate wow… I could not believe it, because the entire institution is against different artificial sugars. If only it wasn’t too colourfully after eating we went for a walk, I took a fantastic photo of the snow. Scout Marcin showed me how to conjure such a wonder up. See:


Best message only before you. For the first time in my life I went on a snow scooter!!! A bit at first I was afraid of it, actually not only I, but they in the end once live, at one time it is necessary to dare! The ride caused me such pleasure I didn’t want to stop… it is kind of other world. You are getting on and you forget about everything… I hope that there will still be a chance to the ride…





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