Igloo …

The way yesterday I wrote you, today we built the igloo, actually it more than one I don’t think so I must say how great I played… I am having high hopes, around I will encourage with it of you for creating the own igloo, and, around the same as I. You will show photographs off below short helper of the pleasant reading.

Igloo – how to build :

For the army a structure is an excellent winter adventure igloo (provided a snow will drop). If your structure is solid, as well as you will take care for the good isolation from cold land, in such a personally built igloo you will be able to spend a night.
The snow should be soft and fluffy – so most easily is sticky. For construction however completely a chilled snow isn’t being granted the igloo.
– gloves
– shovel
– bucket

Traditional igloo :

Stages of the structure

– appoint the circle on the snow about the diameter of 2 metres
– you will form snow bricks with the special form. You can also cut bones with the shovel from the big compacted slag heap of the snow. As a last resort as forms you can use buckets, of which use the same as moulds for doing grandmothers of sand
– lay the first row of bricks on the earlier outlined circuit
– saw backs of the first row of bricks inwards. They will already of course be next lowered inwards, what the dome will be formed thanks to.
– always arrange next bricks with moving against half a brick
– you can additionally cover walls built in this way with the snow inside and outside. You will receive the smooth surface, and the whole construction will be tighter and tougher
– the last brick is oval and a vault is closing the igloo
– in the end build the tunnel which will constitute the entry.
– you can do an air holes or small windows which you will be locking up with pieces of the transparent foil…

Bullet picked out :

– make the huge bullet from snow and place it in the place, where the future igloo is supposed to stand
– pick out entering to the igloo but next inside.
– stick the snow coming from the centre of the bullet from the outside, enlarging one’s bullet into this way.
– around the entry build the tunnel which will be protecting the inside igloo before the wind.

Faster change of the bullet picked out:

– Build the hill from the snow, this way big to what extent will suffice of powers
– Bore now with the igloo, but without the roof
– As the roof use boards or sticks what you will give advice
– Fill everything in with the snow .

Accommodation in the igloo :

– an isolation from base is most important – under the foam mattress you must build the at least 5 cm of material isolating layer – shaving wooden, straws, hays and the like
– don’t go the night up to the igloo, without the additional sleeping bag and the blanket
– if there is a cold very much – give up staying overnight in the igloo.








With so beautiful accent oneself today with you I am saying goodbye to , sleep well !!! 😀 🙂



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