Long I could not fall asleep after the yesterday’s bonfire. All the time I thought about her. This morning right after breakfast, a competition was held among two teams from Poland and of Great Britain. Both I and Cindy we participated in them. Professions consisted from a few typically scout competition, np spreading the tent on time. Everything spent the race running without the problem up to the moment of the competition for wood. Unexpectedly I competed with Cindy in this competition. The task consisted in running to forest for wood and like the fastest return. Right before the take-off I talked to Cindy, that there was no meaning which from us he/she will win. We heard the whistle of the Scout, we moved. To the moment of running into forest we ran quite close oneself. On the way back right in front of the finish I noticed that there was no Cindy. Without hesitation, not thinking about consequences, I threw wood and I ran to forest. I saw the friend there lying on the earth. She told me she had fallen down and a leg aches her. I held it on the hand and I carried to the finish . Unexpectedly people applauded me. When doctors dressed Cindy, I learnt that nothing serious for her had happened. When Cindy came up to me and thanked me I felt that we were becoming for ourselves more and more close…



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