Vegetable Indian soup. Best I ate which.

While creating this fast I performed roles of the journalist here my interview, perhaps not best, but I tried very hard.

Soup of frozen food not has to be boring. And frozen foods like it frozen foods – for me for satisfying vegetable hunger, particularly inside winters are the best way. It will be sufficient to use appropriate spices and on the plate in place of ordinary soup of the vegetable soup, Indian soup colourful, and heating up will come in. Such soup sensational also always works when in the middle of the week I must quickly prepare something warm and concise to the dinner – a cook of the centre said.



– packet of frozen vegetable blend (e.g. cauliflower with sprouting broccoli and the carrot, or carrot with potatoes, the leek and peas)
– 0.5 l of the vegetable broth
– 0.5 l of water
– two teaspoonfuls of the root ginger fresh wiped off (earlier of course peeled leather)
– half a teaspoonful of the turmeric
– pinch of the Roman caraway
– a few grains of the coriander                                                                                                  – 1/3 teaspoonfuls of cardamom
– 1/3 teaspoonfuls of the cinnamon
– 1/3 teaspoons of petals chilli (or less if not you like the market of spicy dishes)
– a few carnations
– bay leaf
– half a small small mug of the natural yogurt
– fresh coriander to the garnish
– salt and pepper to the taste


1. I am heating bouillon and water in the pot, and then I am adding vegetables, the ginger wiped off and all spices.                                                                                                            2. I am cooking soup on the average fire until, until all vegetables are tender – usually 20-25 minutes.                                                                                                                           3. For very end, when soup is removed already from the fire, I am adding the yoghurt to her. Earlier hardened yoghurt – which means that I am pouring a bit of hot soup into the carton of yogurt, I am mixing up well and I am pouring such blend into the pot (thanks to that the yoghurt isn’t setting).                                                                                                 4. I am serving soup decorated with the ink blot of the yoghurt, leaflets of the coriander and a bit of petals chilli.

I am encouraging you trying, I am enraptured. Indian vegetable soup and the sushi are two dishes which for the first time I ate at the camp, and undoubtedly, will be one of frequent mentions. Ms Sophie, the boss of our kitchen, tried in great detail to give her provision. I hope that you will use.



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