I am sitting at the moment on the canteen, I am waiting for the supper. The today was very tiring. The scout organised the hiking for us into tops. The weather was favourable, a snow wasn’t falling down. Reaching to the lake was a purpose of our expedition. After reaching to the lake we had a meal break. I called Cindy then, to ask what he is doing. She told me with their group they had just left for the nearby small town, to visit a museum. After the short conversation with the friend I called parents to tell what now I am doing. I told mum, about the today’s trip, about new acquaintances, about how many here I learnt interesting things, about the new hobby of the photograph and about Cindy. I am satisfied, that I arrived to this camp, although very much I am already missing them. We were returned to a hostel still before the evening. I must finish the today’s entry, since right away I will be learning to make scout knots. Drinking the tea I am thinking about Cindy and I am missing.



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