Of today my best friend is celebrating his birthday Tom, with which I am living together in the room. Early in the morning I gave him my best wishes and I ensured that it would be a cool day. Ace after breakfast I decided to buy his favourite jelly beans which together we ate on the train for him. He was very pleased with the gift. A tradition is ruling in the camp, that everyone who is celebrating it birthday is getting the special objective from the Scout. Tom had to wear the birthday hat through a few hours. This very funny task was and didn’t cause the great difficulty. He could not take the cap off even while performing everyday exercises! A situation looked funny, in which dressed Tom in colourful a report had to offer the Scout the cap with the full authority. On our return from exercises we found large surprise for Toma in the form of colour babes. Nobody expected it, and Tom thanked everyone a lot. It was my idea surprise which for him I prepared. With the visit our friends came to us from Great Britain.
Everyone together we played with the time. Very much long I danced with Cindy. During the evening we went to our earlier built igloo. We listened to music, we laughed, we told jokes for ourselves. When a cold became we accompanied girls and we got back home. Tom was pleased with organised attractions. I wish you planes of technicolour dreams like the Toma cap. Goodnight.





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