The Tv Spot …

An hour ago we came back by buses to the camp after the two-day trip. As promised now I will tell you how I spent time there. Yesterday we got up early in the morning, we ate our breakfast about 7 right after it we chose AM oneself to the slope, we went on foot, it took some twenty minutes for us. We went everyone to lend the equipment which earlier was hired by our Scout for both groups. Additionally we had two instructors of L-plate on skis. One for us, and second for the group from Great Britain. After the first preliminary training from the instructor Cindy will be spending time with me on the slope and to observe my progress. Beginnings were difficult, but I tried very hard and within of two hours went for me quite quite well. Cindy was from me to the truth proud. We played with the time great. Much this activity pleased us on świerzym for air. Before the dinner we went in two to the hot chocolate in order a bit to rest. After the dinner we came back to the slope. We came across the television group which searched for the group of young people which could act in the television spot promoting the region there. At once I ran to our Scout, to pass this information on to him, and to express desire for the participation of us everyone in this spot. The scout at once didn’t give consent, however did it after numerous persuasions and the conversation with the television group. The team passed the details concerning the script on to us spotu. We participated in two scenes. She was first recorded on the slope on which we were, second a few kilometres farther, which we participated in the sleigh ride in. Scenes on the slope were recorded with late afternoon, we had to go down in the entire group in pairs. I of course went down with Cindy. We managed to record good material after three attempts. The sleigh ride was already very pleasure.
This objective didn’t require wielokokrotnych of attempts, managed to wind good material already the first time round.
As part of thanking film-makers provided different regional souvenirs to us and invited us to studio in order to watch the video clip when will be ready.
I am pleased with the jolly trip.




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