Recently I came back from Cindy. Great I spent time there. Much we talked, we laughed, we were on the walk… I grabbed the beautiful sunset hold of which was slowly hidden behind the horizon, but Cindy then again looked at me as this way as on the bonfire. Then again I could see sparks in her eyes… I wanted to take a few photos of her, but unfortunately doesn’t like to be photographed… Damage, would be these are very beautiful photographs. Perhaps next time he will let encourage each other.:) on our return we made the afternoon snack for everyone. Following the breakfast we made hedgehogs from pears. Tasty and funny.:) I could see a few pictures Cindy and really I think that he has huge talent. Below a few of photograph. You must admit that they are beautiful.;) supposedly already forms something for me. He is saying that it is something what very much to me he/she fits. I am very interesting what it will be.: D only from it I came back, and I would already like there to be, is probably slowly growing attached to her.;) now I am finishing, I must call parents. To later!






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