New day new challenges?


Today we got up very early, we had a training in the fresh air. It was for me terrible. Sleepy, after the long night conversation with the Volume such a surprise. Shock. Fortunately with it I managed somehow and I waited it out until the end. After exercises of the pane shower and to the breakfast. There then again very much I was surprised, but this time positively. Funny sandwiches thanks to which at once for everyone the humour came back waited for us. Very much for me they tasted. 🙂 I am thinking what else will bring me the today. It’s snowing, and we right away are moving to the meeting with the forester. Perhaps I will learn for some reason interesting? Soon I will come back to you. Hello! 😀

Our sandwiches! Every day could begin from such a beautiful breakfast. 🙂 🙂 🙂




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