I will devote this post to the safety. Today I realized how very much it was essential during different expeditions, for example into tops. The forester told us what it was necessary to pay attention, to what with oneself to take and how to react. I am inviting to read!

Going for winter walks all over tops hold it with yourselves, most importantly: common sense. If conditions are difficult or crummy weather, leave yourselves alone. Better to forgive the time so that can still a hundred times come back to the trail, than risk the time and expose oneself to the death. Mountains will wait.


  • Before leaving into tops:
  • Attentively plan the route of the walk. Remember not to be influenced by a description of summer tours – the time for defeating the given segment at winter conditions can grow longer even twice (and more), if you will come across banks and the not-wiped trail. The day is a winter far shorter – calculate the time of the passage before the dusk to achieve one’s aim. To the itinerary to come off best early in the morning.
  •  Study to bring up the map of the area, after which you are aiming a blow. Check, whether the route which you chose is open for tourist movements in the winter, adapted for your condition and the mountain knowledge and equipping you have which.
  •  Remember about threats which can meet you. Steep slopes, lawiniaste gulleys and ices can be dangerous to your health and the life.. Extreme weather conditions, so as a sudden fall of snow, a strong wind, a fast fall in temperature or the break in the weather, effectively they are limiting the visibility and are hampering the sense of direction in the field.
  • Check a weather forecast and the step of the avalanche warning. If conditions are difficult, resign from the trip.
  •  If it is only possible, don’t go into tops alone. Plan the sightseeing tour in the group – best few, but well selected. Remember to fit the route of the trip to the weakest participant. Take the map and the compass with yourself.
  •  Get dressed pursuant to the weather and pack additional separates which will protect you from frost into the rucksack. Take the needed equipment, fitted to the area on which you are going to move: small sticks trekkingowe, rackets, dramatic ABC (detector, probe, spatula).
  •  Remember that buying the specialist equipment, you aren’t buying the ability of using it. If only you have such a possibility, enrol in the training in the hill walking / dramatic course.
  •  Take care of the safety. Fill the rescue number with writing in the phone, load the battery up, take the medicine cabinet of the first aid equipped with the thermal blanket which in a critical situation will save you from the cold and pack the torch, with which you will be able to send the distress signal (don’t forget about additional batteries).
  •  Take the Thermos flask with the warm tea and energy food which will provide you with the appropriate amount of the calorie. See to it so that products which you are taking are rich in carbohydrates, the canailles and proteins. Apart from the Thermos flask with the warm tea with themselves let salt and minerals which you will sweat out in the course of the movement be overcome isotonic liquid which loss will supplement. During intensive effort very much it is easy for draining the body.
  •  Before setting off on the itinerary leave information about, where you are going to somebody responsible and when you are planning coming back.
  • In the mountains: 
  •  Without important reasons don’t change the route of the trip. If on account of difficult conditions you have to change plans, notify the person, for which you left information about, where you are going of it and when you are planning coming back.
  •  If they give, move with marked summer slags. Avoid walking with ski ski runs and ski runs – you will destroy tracks of the downward slope and you will expose yourself to danger of running by the skier going down.
  • In some areas, winter slags are running differently, than summer in order to bypass areas lawiniaste. If you are going (alone or with the group) into places, where the avalanche warning exists, take the dramatic ABC with yourself (detector, probe, spatula) – in case of unfortunate accidents far more quickly will manage to be found filled in. You not have to spend money for the acquisition of equipment (is expensive) – with ease you can lend it.
  • Keep an eye on warning boards which you will meet by trails – aren’t standing there without the reason. If they are talking about difficult conditions on the trail, return.
  •  Adapt the pace of the walk to the weakest tripper. If you must force your way through the snow, change – clearing the trail is a strong effort. Remember about the rest.
  •  When you get lost, if it is possible, come back after own tracks to the place, where for the last time you could see markings. Continuing the walk, when you don’t know, where you are, is threatening with not only getting lost, but also the fall from the height, especially in the mountains high, when rocks are icy.
  • Care about your safety and groups.


  • If an accident happened:                                                                                      
  • Freeze the area of the accident. Judge, whether you are able to help other in order oneself not to become a next victim. Check the condition of the aggrieved parties and take care of their thermal comfort – in the winter the organism quickly is freezing itself out. Use sleeping bags, jackets and the rescue blanket (foil).
  • Call at the rescue number and advise what happened, where you are, how many is of the aggrieved parties and what their state is.
  •  Administer first aid przedmedycznej and control the condition of the aggrieved parties to the arrival time of emergency services.






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