Today we are an exceptional day facing. The scout early in the morning announced us that right away after breakfast we would be naming our groups. I have always thought that such matters are being settled on the spot, right after the arrival in the camp. It puzzled me already some time ago, why it isn’t so in this case. They explained us today that earlier we hadn’t been ready for it, and at the moment we already met enough in order can take the serious decision this way. Everyone are excited. Some ideas are already revolving. I hope that my team will invent something completely different from everyone. We would like so that our pseudonym is connected with history, it would be something essential, important and closely connected with the scouting. We will be taking the past of many states into consideration, I think that war times will be perfect inspiration. For this moment we have such plans. We will see what will result from it. We are getting down to work. Soon I will share our decision with you.

And perhaps you have some idea? Will you help? Write!




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