Musical adventure from scratch :)

The music is accompanying us through the entire life, every day. He is raising our spirit and is moving to tears. He is pleasure which hardly anyone is able to resist. Today I would like for you in short to describe my adventure, with the music in the main part. Of nice reading 🙂


My grandfather was a musician. Boldly so it is possible to say I have a music in blood.:) even though isn’t having a long life in this world, it I tasted as many as many varieties of the music. In the moment when parents worked out, that I also had talent at home still there was a music. All along the way, Classics, the musical and entertainment, until the jazz and the pop.


What the most do I like in the music? Probably exactly her diversity. It is possible to form it on this way many ways and each of them are beautiful. It is wonderful!

From an early age I loved to sing. If parents recall, when not yet I was able to say, I hummed earlier heard melodies and I was able „to tire” one song for many hours. Then a theatre with which I fell in love right away appeared. For the birthday I got the plate with songs from the musical „Academy of the Mr” (which with the rest then I had the pleasure to appear, in as one from of „pupils of the Academy”) and I learnt by heart for her. Parents decided that I would go to a music school. For 6 first years I played the violin, and at the junior secondary school in which currently I am, I moved to the guitar. I needed the bigger instrument. Bigger, because they thanks to genes after Dad a bit for me grew: additionally for an amusement I am playing D on the grand piano. Now alone creature music. Thanks to the manufacturing company we Music, I have work opportunities above my first slab. Unfortunately matters a bit became complicated. I started for myself on a lot to let. I got to know new people, I stopped actively attending classes. I did what I wanted, and in addition I was troublesome. Parents weren’t able to talk sense into me. Everything already so far that I could lose what I worked since childhood to waded. Now I have the winter holidays therefore I am here, at the camp. If I wrote you at the beginning of my adventure with the blog, I am here so that grow up and understand what I am doing not this way. It passed as many as a few days and I am slowly starting understanding what parents meant. Very much Cindy also helped me with it thanks to which differently patrze to world. I got to know Tom which turned out to be the cool person and many other people. I feel that this adventure will help me to come back to goods road. 😉




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