On the occasion of valentines we are dismissed from all daily routine. It is so darling. I decided not to get up today so early and for oneself a bit longer to sleep. Tom got up early in the morning and is some upset. I think that something is organising but I not have a clue what it is about. I was going to chase Cindy off all day long still was just. I took her for the walk where I gave her the bunch of beautiful red roses. She was very much surprised and happy. Still she smiled. Later we went to the cinema to a romantic comedy and after the film we went to the hot chocolate and babes with strawberries. The time passed for us miraculously but very quickly. Too quickly. So an evening came we were forced to come back to the camp. We played dominoes with everyone. Then great we also played. It turned out today that Tom was with the friend Cindy. Today he also spent with her all day long. They are going out together. Generally speaking I didn’t expect it. He said nothing against Britney, but I am not bearing him a grudge for it . I can see that he is very happy. A bit I am envying him, because I would like so that Cindy for me is already somebody more than a pole with friend. I think that she would also want it, but I am afraid to do the further step. Perhaps soon I will dare.






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