Our household members…


Today Cindy told me about her animals. At home he has a small doggy about name Toby, of rabbit about name of Bax and the black cat about name Black. Very much she would like to have fishes, but for her parents don’t agree it. For her the grandmother still has a cat about name Tiger. Apart from them in her family he doesn’t have the domestic animals. Cindy is saying that nobody has time to deal with the dog or the cat. Damage, animal is carrying much love home. I have two Puffy dogs and Puccii. They are already adult, but very charming and darling. I had a dog at one time about name the Dollar was with me from the moment of my birth. I loved him more than anything else in the world. One day however he fell ill. They were these are for me terrible moments. I am sending you a few of photograph of our home friends.





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