Hi !!!


Today I will start with the thing most important for me. From yesterday I am with Cindy. Until now it is unbelievable to me. I went to her from very morning with flowers and the breakfast, the way I wrote you yesterday. I was supposed to speak, but I wanted to be pleased with every moment spent with Cindy ❤ ❤ ❤ . Forgive. At first we were at her in the hostel. For her acquaintances prepared small surprise for Cindy. There were wishes, singings and a toast of the orange juice 😀 .  We spent time there a bit, and then I took her to myself. I informed everyone of the birthday of my girl, and they my in their absence prepared the grand party for her.12743548_1029873607097890_1072098617198674541_n.jpg.

There was a favourite layer cake for her with the surprise. 😀  Even Golden, the dog of neighbours of our centre and the friend Max was prepared to these celebrations. So had a beautiful cap!


When the situation a bit calmed down I gave a present to Cindy. Small chain. She was delighted with it.


During the evening we organised the disco with fireworks. We spent together all day long. It was very cheerfully and romantically.  ❤





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