Feeding birds with the winter is an example of the active conservation of nature which it is worthwhile practising.


Do you remember about our short friends? Some time ago I wrote you how to prepare different titbits for birds. Since then regularly we are supplementing food in feeders. Today so we also did it I decided and for you to remind about it. After all in winter helping birds a continuity of feeding is most important. The consequence can here decide on the life of animals, because firmly they are growing attached to the shown support. Repeated delivering the food will be enough birds to start identifying the specific place with the source of the food. The interrupt of feeding would be then irresponsible, because hungry animals instead of to search for food will waste the time and the energy for expecting the help which won’t come. Showing the support, we are making birds conditional on ourselves, therefore once one should continue commenced feeding birds all the way to the first signs of spring – remember! Choosing the food for birds not slowly to forget about water. The access to water is in the course of the winter exceptionally difficult, therefore taking the bowl out with the branch water can rescue the life of many beings. Peculiarly comprising expenses will make birds happy from: of grains, dates, apricot, currants, raisins cut up, frozen fruits of the black elder, chokeberry, nuts. Okay, okay also an unsalted pork fat or the lard. From of the ones wszystkicn you can prepare products different blends.





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