It’s been a long time…


Hello! A long time ago I not said a word, forgive! I will try quickly to make up for this time. For eleven last days I didn’t have access to the phone or no computer. The scout took everything away from us what we could use usually in the leisure time. He justified his decision to the camp so now we will be the fact that we arrived to devote the time for different other cases. Dissatisfaction manifested itself at many persons in different ways. Fortunately it didn’t cause me the great problem, even this idea appealed to me.We got only phones for a brief lapse in order can get in touch with parents. This experience helped us slightly different to look at the space surrounding us. As it turned out I had far more time than usually. Better I organised the day for myself, even I started reading the book. Today we got our all things, although too much I didn’t miss them. Still I will be using everything, but with much greater distance, this way in order not to spend the entire day in front of the computer. For these days the Scout organised a lot of different classes and trips for us. So I didn’t part with apparatus calmly I have a few photographs for you. A time wasn’t also missing for Cindy. For the city, shared photographs and the shopping very much I will remember fondly constant walks, conversations, exits. We organised bonfires and games on the snow. One day after breakfast the Scout passed important information on very much to us. As it turned out we participate in four-day European championships of boy scouts which was supposed to be held in a few days. At once we set about to the intensive practice. I was frightened because we had time very little. In the end a day of the departure came. For me separation was worst from Cindy, particularly that I didn’t have a phone on me. I met a lot of interesting people at championships. How for such short preparations we took … place very good 5 place. Still I am very proud of my group. We got the huge cup. On one’s return to the camp, Cindy and her friends organised the fine welcome for us with delicious snacks. Very much I missed her greatly, therefore we spent the rest of the day together. Now forgive, but I am going to eat my lunch, and then I am seeing Cindy at the concert of her favourite team. I must still call parents. I will speak! bye!




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