Yesterday evening…

Hello! It will be little male fast but what there… of what it isn’t getting for women. You will get to know me a bit from other side. At once I will say, that quite a lot for me that’s all cost. Patiences of course. Of nice reading! Yesterday he was exceptional, exceptional because it is a day of Women. Therefore I spent the entire afternoon with my girl. There was a plenty of women’s attractions! Now, when yes on calmly for everyone I am thinking about it, I state, that some were funny, other irritating, but next completely not fitting men, but I got by! (I hope that Cindy won’t read it):) we met in the camp of Great Britain. I took flowers and chocolates with myself, didn’t fall out differently. We moved to the city. Shopping, café, walk… it was a beginning. Cindy planned a lot more. I think that he was it is some test which hopes I turned over positively. During the evening we went for the virtuoso performance in the quite exclusive place like for such an event, therefore we still visited the hairdresser and the vanity case. It occupied mass of the time, although by the way alone I took advantage of the hairdressing. So to be honest I persuaded it Cindy so that gives this idea up, since looked fantastically without these all treatments. But the woman knows better.:) I yielded and I didn’t regret at all, the final effect was amazing. As the million of dollars to it a red dress which yesterday she also bought, longed for Cindy and the jewellery which I decided to add to the gift when I saw how very much she had liked her… I’m at a loss for words in order to describe what I thought and I felt seeing her during the evening. After the visit at the hairdresser and the vanity case we came back to camps for final preparations. During the evening we took a taxi to the virtuoso performance. He wasn’t these are a normal virtuoso performance of some pop team, or a hip hop. He was it really very much elegant, on the highest level string concert. Unusually romantic. Cindy very much likes such a music. For the first time I had a chance to be on such a party. It is possible in addition very much to calm itself down. I recommend everyone whom he is characterizing at least a little sensitivity. He was it is a wonderful day, and you will see photographs in the next fast, now I must run to the dinner. I also wish you bon appétit!



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