I hope that at you the weather a bit more is good. At me today very much grimly, through rains he doesn’t already have a snow, a sun or frost, either after all therefore I arrived to this camp. At me he doesn’t have cold days so extremely. 🙂 actually it I should not be surprised, after all it is already a March, although from the other side I am in the mountains, and here such weather should be entire year. 🙂 supposedly the snow is supposed to come back, I am also living in hope. I would like still to look on sparkling snow in the glitter of the stars and of the moon, or the sun’s rays standing out against him. It was very much mroźno, but in addition very beautifully. I wish you much sun today. At me through thick and dirty clouds today than won’t leave. 😦 Of the Nice day and much smile! 🙂



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