Feeding birds with the winter is an example of the active conservation of nature which it is worthwhile practising.


Do you remember about our short friends? Some time ago I wrote you how to prepare different titbits for birds. Since then regularly we are supplementing food in feeders. Today so we also did it I decided and for you to remind about it. After all in winter helping birds a continuity of feeding is most important. The consequence can here decide on the life of animals, because firmly they are growing attached to the shown support. Repeated delivering the food will be enough birds to start identifying the specific place with the source of the food. The interrupt of feeding would be then irresponsible, because hungry animals instead of to search for food will waste the time and the energy for expecting the help which won’t come. Showing the support, we are making birds conditional on ourselves, therefore once one should continue commenced feeding birds all the way to the first signs of spring – remember! Choosing the food for birds not slowly to forget about water. The access to water is in the course of the winter exceptionally difficult, therefore taking the bowl out with the branch water can rescue the life of many beings. Peculiarly comprising expenses will make birds happy from: of grains, dates, apricot, currants, raisins cut up, frozen fruits of the black elder, chokeberry, nuts. Okay, okay also an unsalted pork fat or the lard. From of the ones wszystkicn you can prepare products different blends.





Today in salutation a few words about the yesterday day. We went with acquaintances for the shopping to the retail park in the nearby small town. I bought a few things for myself, in the end I got the pin money.
It turned out that I and Tom had bought a few interesting things for themselves, and our girls found nothing appropriate for themselves. Very much it surprised me. After all women love it shopping. Today I am already after exercises and the march all over forest, I am waiting for the dinner. Soon I will speak.

Hi !

I got a letter from parents in which they transferred a little money to me today so that I could use them for some entertainment. After everyday duties and the training we organised the outing to the cinema to the comedy. I went there with Cindy and Tom around one’s with girl. We went there by the bus. After arriving in place we bought tickets and the popcorn. I noticed plush Minion, I know that it is favourite form from fairy tales Cindy. I decided to please her and I bought this knick-knack for her. For fly to tell you very much she was satisfied. After the film we went to consume something. Now I am at the centre, but soon we are going with the scout for the walk and then I am still a fitness room facing. Goodbye!

Good Evening…


I am sitting for myself after the supper by the fireplace and I recall a lot of beautiful moments which wouldn’t take place if not for expedition to this camp. New hobby, acquaintances, trips… Before the dream I am sending you a few of my memories  😀


My Beauties…

Do you remember this photograph?


Recently I showed her you. She was it is a certain announcement. Some time ago I told you, that to take a few photos of chviałem Cindy, but me didn’t manage. So it is at present slightly different. Recently ukratkiem I managed to capture the beauty of my girl.

Get to know my Cindy  😀 :



Hi !!!


Today I will start with the thing most important for me. From yesterday I am with Cindy. Until now it is unbelievable to me. I went to her from very morning with flowers and the breakfast, the way I wrote you yesterday. I was supposed to speak, but I wanted to be pleased with every moment spent with Cindy ❤ ❤ ❤ . Forgive. At first we were at her in the hostel. For her acquaintances prepared small surprise for Cindy. There were wishes, singings and a toast of the orange juice 😀 .  We spent time there a bit, and then I took her to myself. I informed everyone of the birthday of my girl, and they my in their absence prepared the grand party for her.12743548_1029873607097890_1072098617198674541_n.jpg.

There was a favourite layer cake for her with the surprise. 😀  Even Golden, the dog of neighbours of our centre and the friend Max was prepared to these celebrations. So had a beautiful cap!


When the situation a bit calmed down I gave a present to Cindy. Small chain. She was delighted with it.


During the evening we organised the disco with fireworks. We spent together all day long. It was very cheerfully and romantically.  ❤



On goodnight …


There is an extremely important day tomorrow. Birthday Cindy. We will be celebrating. I prepared the gift for her, but I won’t still tell you which. Tomorrow of everything you will learn. Apart from that today I managed to do something what until recently seemed not possible. You are guessing what’s the problem? Very much you will be surprised! At the beginning posta meanwhile I am calling the small hint for you goodnight!