Fantastic morning :)))

Fantastic because… so we had a breakfast today!!!


I still never ate something such beautiful!

This way the begun day cannot be boring. Therefore, right away after breakfast I invited Cindy to the healthy snack – nobody helped me with it 🙂 it tasted brilliantly, and Cindy nicely was surprised 🙂


We had such a view behind the window… 🙂


After these goodies we left for a moment outside, right away how ever we returned to means, there was a cold very much. Cindy in such a short time did such a masterpiece! How do you like him?? 🙂


I am pleased that I always have apparatus on me or phone. I am immortalizing every remarkable spent here moment into this way. Will be pleased to come back to these moments. I am going right away from Cindy to her centre, perhaps I will manage then again to see a few of her pictures? Perhaps he already has something for me? If I am right soon I will share it with you 🙂 I am very happy!



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